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"I cannot say enough about Hastings and her ability to make your wedding everything you want! She is a seasoned professional who has a great talent for event planning. I consider myself an extremely organized person and was more than a little put off by so many of the wedding vendors with their lack of attention to detail and slow responsiveness, but not Hastings. She runs circles around everyone! She was also able to answer every question along the way, providing us with the confidence we needed and stepping in when we just didn't want to deal. My husband and I are a week out from our wedding weekend and our guests are still talking about how great a time it was, with no detail missed and not a single misstep. Hastings was there from the moment we spoke with her to the ribbon sendoff, and played exactly the role we needed. While I knew what type of wedding I wanted, I knew I was not the type of bride who had the time or patience to put all of the details in place. We gave Hastings the vision, and she executed the plan. Southern Charm Communications put together a detailed proposal that was flexible from start to finish. In the end, SHE is the one responsible for providing our magical weekend. Thank you, Hastings!!!"

- Sara Oliveto, Bride

“All I can say is…WOW! My wife and I attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios and we had a FANTASTIC TIME! We know the evening could have gone either way, but by the grace of Hastings Kinser it turned into an evening we will never forget! Hastings took care of our every need and made sure to go above and beyond our expectations. Even when we thought it couldn’t get any better it did - thanks to Hastings! Everything from our arrival, to our seating, to the Green Room hospitality, to the after party…and the list goes on and on. We will be sure to attend more of your functions and hope that our future hosts can live up to the high bar that Hastings has set!”

- Michael Skotzko, Director, Global Operations, Amgen

On behalf of the UPS Sponsorships group, I wanted to personally thank all of you for your outstanding efforts over the weekend (and in the months leading up to this past weekend) planning/executing our Conference Championship customer and employee programs.

It almost goes without saying at this point (but I’ll say it anyway!) – your team continues to deliver “best-in-class” programs for our customers and employees, and without your collective efforts, these programs would not to be the resounding successes that they currently are from an on-site experience and business opportunity perspective. Again, thank you all for your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.”

- Ben Gillespie, Manager, Sponsorships and Events, UPS 

Great job this weekend. Definitely a step up on how we present our brand to our customers in a hospitality environment.”

- JW Cannon, Manager, Sponsorships and Events, UPS 

“On behalf of all of the UPS employees you have helped us recognize and reward, THANK YOU Hastings. You are a very special person. We appreciate everything you do for our employees." 

- Mark Soutter, Manager, Employee Communications, UPS 

“I wanted to thank you for your efforts this weekend. You are a true ambassador for UPS in the efficient and pleasant way you get things done. My wife and I had a fantastic time Friday night at dinner and really enjoyed hearing Greg Anthony speak. 

Saturday with my son Blake, we also had a great time. Saturday night as we were driving home, I asked my son what his favorite part of the day was and he said, "All of it." 

Thanks so much, we had a wonderful time.” 

- Sam Touchstone, VP of Finance, Ballard Designs